China aluminium gravity casting foundry

SXLH Aluminium Gravity Casting Foundry ( Shaoxing Huahong Non-ferrous Alloy Casting Factory ) is a completely new aluminium gravity casting foundry separated from our former aluminium sand casting factory on 2011. The new aluminium gravity casting factory is located at Shaoxing City which is an eastern coastal city close to Shanghai and Ningbo, where is the most flourish manufacturing base in China with distinguishing advantage of convenient transportation and trading service facility.

aluminum gravity casting tooling workshop aluminum gravity casitng workshop aluminum casting heat treatment workshop aluminum casting machining workshop

Taking all the advantage of commercial environment, SXLH aluminium casting is aiming to be an export leading aluminium cast product manufacturer. So far,ninety percent of our aluminium products are exported to foreign countries including North America, Australia, Japan and West Europe. We had established steady business relationship with quite a lot foreign customers among of whom are several top grade manufacturers in the world; we won good fame from them for our top grade quality and considerate service.

To be a professional aluminium gravity casting foundry, we have introduced a complete line of aluminium gravity casting machines, including continuous melting furnace, alloy refining machine, automatic tilting gravity casting machines, multi-cylinder vertical casting machines, cleaning line (including customized aluminum casting cutting saws, shot blasting machines, vibrating and high frequency shooting decoring machine, tumbling machines and ultrasonic cleaning machines), heat treatment furnace, sand core injection machines and post machining machines such as machining center, CNC lathes, and other necessary machines. Along with training and organizing an active and functional manufacturing team, we focus on introduction advanced automatic machines to reduce labor intensiveness,improve production capacity and quality steadiness.

Dedicated in aluminium gravity casting and machining

SXLH aluminium gravity casting factory once began with aluminium sand casting foundry and gradually extended our business to permanent mold casting ( gravity die casting). In order to expand business scope and improve our casting capacity, we separated the gravity casting workshop from the former sand casting factory as a new casting factory. As we believe that more specialty, more efficiency. HH had set up a manufacturing team of gravity casting engineers and skilled gravity casting workers. Now we can design aluminium gravity casting mold and assemble permanent molds ( gravity casting dies) by ourselves. We designate the whole casting process for each project as per their separately specification. A project manager leading a project team tracks the whole casting process from mold making, sample test and submission and regular production till final inspection and delivery.

spectormeter for aluminum alloying and casting hardness, tension, torque testing machines CMM for tooling and precision machining a complete set of gauges

We highly focus on product quality. SXLH aluminium casting is applying an functional quality management system certified by TUV. A well trained quality control team track every project from in-coming of material to out-going of cast products. Besides we are planning to introduce top grade lab equipments such as spectrometer, projector, CMM and metallography instrument to guarantee the top casting quality through metallography test, physical property test such as tensile, hardness, and chemical composition analysis, and aluminium casting functional testing.

aluminium gravity cast products show

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aluminium gravity casting technique database of SXLH

  1. Gravity casting capacity of HH aluminium casting.
  2. Testing equipments for gravity casting
  3. Range of gravity casting made by HH aluminium casting
  4. Chemical and mechanical property of aluminium gravity casting
  5. China national designation of aluminium casting alloy
  6. Conversion sheet of aluminium casting alloy designation of various countries
  7. General tolerance of aluminium gravity casting

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